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Van’s Warped Tour 2015 Countdown Special Edition SOTD: PVRIS – “Fire”

Today’s selection for Song of the Day goes to PVRIS’ song “Fire” from their first album White Noise, via Rise Records, in honor of the newest subcategory, Woman Singer Wednesday! PVRIS’ single “Fire” is also another edition to the special Van’s Warped Tour 2015 special edition countdown extravaganza hooplahhh! My lovely girlfriend Alyssa Silva, check her blog by following dis link ;), introduced me to this band a few weeks ago and I am pretty stoked to see them live this Saturday at Warped Tour ’15. Check out PVRIS’ music video for their single “Fire” in the video posted below!

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Today’s Song of the Day is extra special. Still counting down the days to Warped ’15 the SOTD goes to the one and only JODY HiGHROLLER, NEON iCON, THE RAP GAME MARTHA STEWART, RiFF RAFF’S “JUDO CHOP FREESTYLE”! For anyone else wanting to tip toe over to his set and spazz out with me, check out the “JUDO CHOP FREESTYLE” music video below.

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Van’s Warped Tour 2015 Countdown Special Edition SOTD: Beartooth – “In Between”

The count down begins! Five days until The Van’s Warped Tour 2015 comes to Seattle (but really it’s in Auburn, but all of the bands will still say Seattle), Wash. Today’s Song of the Day goes to a band that I’m pretty stoked to see this year. Beartooth’s “In Between” is being recognized for the SOTD for being stuck in my head for the last two days. “In Between” is off their album Disgusting, released via Red Bull Records. Check out the music video for “In Between” below or see them live with me this Saturday on the Monster Energy Stage at Warped Tour ’15!

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Song Of The Day: Miss May I – “I.H.E.”

Today’s Song of the Day may be a little bit of a surprise to all of you. Miss May I’s first single of their upcoming album, Deathless via Rise Records, “I.H.E” definitely fit the definition of a pleasant surprise. We all know that Apologies Are For The Weak will always be the real “OG” best Miss May I. I guess also somewhat enjoyed Miss May I’s stuff on their Sophomore album Monument and I a few tracks on At Heart, but after listening to “I.H.E” I may have become a Miss May I fan all over again. Miss May I’s fifth studio album, Deathless, is set to release this next week on August 7. Check out the well produced track “I.H.E” by clicking play below.

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Song Of The Day: Sirens & Sailors – “Chorus of the Dead”

Today’s Song of the Day is Sirens & Sailors’ latest single off their upcoming album, Rising Moon : Setting Sun via Artery Records, “Chorus of the Dead”. Can’t wait to review the new album after it’s release next week, August 7. I’ve been following these guys for a while and I’m really digging where their sound is heading. Jam out to “Chorus of the Dead” by pressing play below.

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Song of the Day: Stray From The Path – “First World Problem Child”

In anticipation for the new Stray From The Path album, Subliminal Criminals coming August 14 via Sumerian Records, today’s Song of the Day goes to “First World Problem Child”. This track has featured vocalist Sam Carter, Architects, and is their third released single from Subliminal Criminals. Check out “First World Problem Child” below.

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Song of the Day: Fit For A King – “Hooked”

Since it’s #TBT I figured I’d do somewhat of a throwback to early this year. Today’s Song of The Day is Fit For A King’s “Hooked”. I recently was turned onto this album by a good friend of mine and I am definitely “Hooked”. “Hooked” is off of Fit For A King’s sophomore release with Solid State Records, Slave To Nothing. Check out Fit For A King performing live this summer on Warped Tour or view their music video for “Hooked” below.

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Song of the Day: Hundredth – “Unravel”

Today’s Song of the Day is Hundredth’s newest single, “Unravel”, off their album FreeFree is out now via Hopeless Records. Check out Hundredth on the Monster Energy Stage at his years Warped Tour or check out their music video for “Unravel” below.

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Song of the Day: The Devil Wears Prada – “Supernova”

My choice for today’s “Song of the Day” goes to The Devil Wears Prada’s “Supernova”! TDWP’s Space EP is set to be released on August 21, 2015, via Rise Records. “Supernova” is their first release from the EP, listen and get excited to explore Space with this veteran group.

Preorder The Devil Wears Prada’s Space EP:

The Devil Wears Prada – “Supernova”

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