northlanenodeNorthlane’s first album, Node, released on UNFD/Rise Records premiered on this last week on July 24. For everyone who hasn’t followed Northlane up to this point, this is not their first album technically. Singularity, also released with UNFD, premiered on March 22, 2013 with vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes. Since the release of Singularity, Adrian has left the band due to vocal complication, loss of vocals to be simply put, and now new vocalist Marcus Bridge is fronting the band for their first release with Rise Records, Node.

My first impression of the album was kind of pessimistic. I really enjoyed Singularity, like a lot, and I liked Adrian’s vocals and loved his lyrics. Northlane has always had this positive, yet mind bending style to their lyrics and I was really hoping that Marcus would carry this vision on with the new album. Well luckily, I think he did a good job of carrying on the atmospheric, mind-calming vibe Northlane is known for.

Moving on to the actual content of the album, three single tracks were released prior to the release of the full album and in my opinion these really are the stand out tracks, “Rot”, “Obelisk”, and “Ra”. Now just because these tracks “stand out” this doesn’t mean they are the only good tracks. Tracks like “Node” and “Weightless” really give off that mind-calming vibe and are really well put together.

Northlane_2015_promoThe instrumentals on this album are amazing, and I expected nothing less from Northlane. There is a lot of ambient awesomeness and some really cool guitar breaks with that familiar open rhythmic top string. Node is certainly not as heavy as Singularity, but it has its own sound, which is what I feel the band wanted to do with this album.

As for the vocals, Marcus has an amazing clean singing voice. His cleans are extremely powerful and they fit will with the ambient, atmospheric instrumentals, but I honestly don’t enjoy his rough vocals in the slightest. They sound painful and are really lacking the power I was hoping for. He doesn’t have much range either, which is something that I loved with Singularity. But for all that he is lacking in the rough vocals, Marcus really makes up for with his cleans. So overall I like the album, I just need to forget that Singularity and Node are made by the same bands.


Node.… You get a solid 3.5 metal horns out of 5! Great album I recommend everyone to purchase this album on using the Merch Now link below or through iTunes. If you you’re broke… well then just use the links below to stream or watch the full YouTube album stream below!

Let me know what you guys think of Northlane’s Node in the comment section below.

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