Kyle Edwards
Issaquah, Wash.

Bio: Growing up in a small logging town, just outside of Mount Rainier National Park, there wasn't a whole lot to do for a kid growing up. Most families in this area owned large plots of land, my family included, which lead to lots of room for noise, loud noise. My friends and I found our place within cheap musical equipment and teenage angst. Jam sessions spread from covering Blink-182 within our Middle School years, to Under0ath in our High School years, but this quickly turned to creating our own musical pieces as we matured. A general interest in music, transformed into a burning passion. Moving away from home, my friends, to pursue college didn't extinguish this passion in the slightest. Actually, it fueled it. Working harder than ever, I would practice in my small, concrete dorm room. I would play shows back hundreds of miles away in Seattle and Tacoma. I even took this passion as far as touring with my band one of the summers I had off from school. But within a blink of an eye, I was graduating from college with a degree in Public Relations and a collection of amazing memories. No longer would my life be funded by the state in the form of Financial Aid and by my part time job deep frying French fries for Freshman. It was time to move back, and time find a real job. Currently my life consists of working a great job within the Travel Industry, enjoying life with my wonderful girlfriend, and picking up music whenever I can. Which is exactly the purpose of this page, keeping me involved in the thing I love, music. If you would like to know more about me, follow me on twitter, instagram, or snapchat @kedwardsnw. Thanks for reading, Kyle Edwards

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