1596938_370557896460156_2206056421566690940_oExtortionist, a heavy hitting metal group reigning from the Pacific Northwest, has recently released their newest single “Animosity”. With this release came the announcement of their  upcoming full length The Decline, which is set to be released February 17, 2017. This long awaited release from the currently unsigned group is shaping up to be well rounded banger of an album. The track list for The Decline includes previously released tracks such as “Guilt” featuring David Libert of Barrier, “Wither Away”, and “Malediction” featuring Adam Warren of Oceano. To date, The Decline is looking to be one heavy compilation of jams that will make one feel the need to spin kick the first person in sight. Check out their video for “Animosity” below.

Pre-order Extortionist – The Decline: http://www.tiny.cc/TheDeclineCD