c2qvwmxvqaayyww-1484532214-640x640After 10 LOOONG years we can all finally grow out our bangs again and wear our sisters’ skinny jeans. Sonny Moore’s return to From First To Last was been confirmed with a  release of the new single, “Make War”. The last FFTL recordings featuring Moore, was on their 2006 release titled Heroine.

instaThere’s not a lot of coverage on the current status of the band, but it’s looking pretty promising. Recently, an instagram photo shows members of both From First To Last and Blink-182 “hanging” in the studio with John Feldmann, producer of Blink’s recent release California. This does more than hint towards a well put together comeback album.

Check out From First To Last’s Single “Make War” on Spotify or iTunes using the links below.