13321617_815051511964606_8196280301967350581_nDue to the recent news of vocalist Tyler Shelton’s departure from Heavy Metal group Traitors, today’s Song of the Day is their single “Nu Hate” from their most recent self-released LP, Mental State. Traitors, an independent group from the “great” state of Florida, is down-tempo metal band that took the idea of “down-tempo” to new heights. Traitors have been releasing a mixture of Singles, EPs, and independent LPs for a little over 3 years now. However, it wasn’t until their most recent releases, 2015’s Night Terrors and 2016’s Mental State, when I became sold on this band. This was immensely due to Shelton’s improvement on vocals. His absolutely brutal lows and guttural style vocals meshed so well with Traitors’ heavy instrumentals. It will be extremely interesting to see what direction the band goes with after his official departure is announced. Check out Traitors’ music video for their single “Nu Hate” below and follow the link listed below to support.

Purchase Traitors – Mental State: http://traitorsfl.bigcartel.com/