crystal_lake_2016Today’s Song of the Day goes out to a band from across the Pacific, Crystal Lake’s single “Omega” off of their sophomore release with Artery Recordings, True North. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Crystal Lake brings a new interpretation of the classic Metalcore sound to the U.S. market. Being one of the few bands to break international boarders within the Metal industry, I was excited to hear how this band would separate themselves from the rest of Artery’s unique lineup. Crystal Lake combines interesting song structures with extremely strong vocals. Bouncing back in forth between catchy hard rock style verse and choruses to heavy as “balls” breakdowns. Ryo, Lead Vocalist, even throws some out-of-nowhere gutturals into the mix on select tracks. Check out the music video for “Omega” below and purchase Crystal Lakes’ album True North to support! lml /\^/\ lml

Purchase Crystal Lake – True North: