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Song of the Day: Northlane – “Intuition”

northlane-1600x900-e1437585027746Earlier this week, Northlane released a brand new track titled “Intuition” shortly after performing the song live over the weekend at UNIFY Gathering festival in Victoria, Australia. Now I’ve discussed  in my review of Node that I enjoy the older Northlane sound in comparison to the post “Adrian era”, but this song is good. Good in the same sense as how Node was good. I just have to black out my knowledge of their sound in Singularity, and enjoy their music as something completely different. Thinking in that way helps me enjoy the “Marcus era” much more. Check out Northlane’s Official Live Video for their single “Intuition” below.

Download Northlane – “Intuition”:


Song of the Day: Extortionist – “Animosity”

1596938_370557896460156_2206056421566690940_oExtortionist, a heavy hitting metal group reigning from the Pacific Northwest, has recently released their newest single “Animosity”. With this release came the announcement of their  upcoming full length The Decline, which is set to be released February 17, 2017. This long awaited release from the currently unsigned group is shaping up to be well rounded banger of an album. The track list for The Decline includes previously released tracks such as “Guilt” featuring David Libert of Barrier, “Wither Away”, and “Malediction” featuring Adam Warren of Oceano. To date, The Decline is looking to be one heavy compilation of jams that will make one feel the need to spin kick the first person in sight. Check out their video for “Animosity” below.

Pre-order Extortionist – The Decline:

NEWS: Sonny Moore Rejoins First To Last & Releases New Single “Make War”

c2qvwmxvqaayyww-1484532214-640x640After 10 LOOONG years we can all finally grow out our bangs again and wear our sisters’ skinny jeans. Sonny Moore’s return to From First To Last was been confirmed with a  release of the new single, “Make War”. The last FFTL recordings featuring Moore, was on their 2006 release titled Heroine.

instaThere’s not a lot of coverage on the current status of the band, but it’s looking pretty promising. Recently, an instagram photo shows members of both From First To Last and Blink-182 “hanging” in the studio with John Feldmann, producer of Blink’s recent release California. This does more than hint towards a well put together comeback album.

Check out From First To Last’s Single “Make War” on Spotify or iTunes using the links below.

Song of the Day: Traitors – “Nu Hate”

13321617_815051511964606_8196280301967350581_nDue to the recent news of vocalist Tyler Shelton’s departure from Heavy Metal group Traitors, today’s Song of the Day is their single “Nu Hate” from their most recent self-released LP, Mental State. Traitors, an independent group from the “great” state of Florida, is down-tempo metal band that took the idea of “down-tempo” to new heights. Traitors have been releasing a mixture of Singles, EPs, and independent LPs for a little over 3 years now. However, it wasn’t until their most recent releases, 2015’s Night Terrors and 2016’s Mental State, when I became sold on this band. This was immensely due to Shelton’s improvement on vocals. His absolutely brutal lows and guttural style vocals meshed so well with Traitors’ heavy instrumentals. It will be extremely interesting to see what direction the band goes with after his official departure is announced. Check out Traitors’ music video for their single “Nu Hate” below and follow the link listed below to support.

Purchase Traitors – Mental State:

[Update] NEWS: Tyler Shelton Announces Departure from Traitors

15391156_927043900765366_7705308944663660448_nVia Facebook, vocalist, Tyler Shelton announces his departure from the “NU HATE” metal ensemble, Traitors. Shelton states, “I have left Traitors. There’s so much to say but its all jumbled up in my head. I’m sure more will come clear when the time comes. This is very unfortunate and has been one of the toughest decisions of my entire life.”

Shelton, a founding member of the Florida band, released this statement late Sunday afternoon, January 8th, via his personal Facebook account. Shelton within this post discussed how his departure is mainly due to personal issues, including separation anxiety from friends and family when on tour, and also due to internal conflicts and decisions made within the band. View Shelton’s complete Facebook post using the link below.

The timing of Shelton’s departure comes just a month before Traitors is set to begin the ‘NWO’ Tour with neighboring Florida act Bodysnatcher. No announcement has been released on the status of the band or on the upcoming ‘Nu World Order’ Tour.

[UPDATE / 01.18.17]: Last week, Traitors announced their disbandment following vocalist departure statement. See their full post in the link below.

Traitors’ Facebook Announcement:

Tyler Shelton’s Facebook Announcement:

Traitors’ Official Facebook:


Song of the Day: Crystal Lake – “Omega”

crystal_lake_2016Today’s Song of the Day goes out to a band from across the Pacific, Crystal Lake’s single “Omega” off of their sophomore release with Artery Recordings, True North. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Crystal Lake brings a new interpretation of the classic Metalcore sound to the U.S. market. Being one of the few bands to break international boarders within the Metal industry, I was excited to hear how this band would separate themselves from the rest of Artery’s unique lineup. Crystal Lake combines interesting song structures with extremely strong vocals. Bouncing back in forth between catchy hard rock style verse and choruses to heavy as “balls” breakdowns. Ryo, Lead Vocalist, even throws some out-of-nowhere gutturals into the mix on select tracks. Check out the music video for “Omega” below and purchase Crystal Lakes’ album True North to support! lml /\^/\ lml

Purchase Crystal Lake – True North:

Song of the Day: Dance Gavin Dance – “Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise”

It’s 2017 and well over a year since my last post, but I guess it’s never to late to startup the old blog again! So without any explanation for the long break, today’s Song of the Day goes to a band that I haven’t necessary followed as much as most. The first track off of Dance Gavin Dance’s recent release, Mothership, “Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise” begins with an epic back-in-forth between vocalists Jon Mess and Tilian Pearson that rivals classic tracks from the Rise Records veteran group. DGD have been around for a while and definitely have a signature sound at this point. They always have had strong clean vocalists and Jon Mess’s ridiculous lyric writing in unmatched.”Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise” is no exception. Tilian’s high pitched vocals have definitely grown on me and for this album he has added some grit, reminiscent to the old Johnny Craig DGD style. And I can’t not mention that the lyrics to this song are simple out of this world. Hope you enjoy this wonderful introduction to DGD’s tenth album as much as I do! lml /\^/\ lml

Purchase Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership:

Song Of The Day: Currents – “Withered”

Today’s long awaited Song of the Day is Currents newest single “Withered”, which was released via YouTube this last month. I’ve been jamming this nonstop after my brother that is from the same mother, is that a saying?, sent it my way. Check it out, I’m sure it will please you. The mixture of djent-ish open note grooves and heavy hitttin’ bangers just puts you that mood to F@%# (fuck) shit up. iTunes Download and other links below. lml /\^/\ lml

Download Currents Track “Withered”:

Check Out Currents:
Twitter: @currentsct
Instagram: @currents

Van’s Warped Tour 2015 Countdown Special Edition SOTD: August Burns Red – “Composure”

Today’s #TBT Van’s Warped Tour 2015 Countdown SOTD goes to “Composure” by August Burns Red of their first record Messengers, via Solid State Records 2007. This album and song was the jam back in the day. I remember watching this music video and being blown away by Matt Greiner’s ridiculous skills behind the kit. I think we can all agree that everyone would be happy if ABR just played Messengers in it’s entirety for their set at Warped Tour this weekend. Not saying I’m not pumped to see songs from their other albums. I just think the classics can never be topped. Check out August Burns Red’s official music video for “Composure” and get that sweet sensation of metalcore nostalgia with the video posted below.

Also check out August Burns Red’s newest album Found In Far Away Places, which was released on June 29, 2015 via Fearless Records.

Purchase August Burns Red’s Messengers & Found In Far Away Places:

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